Sunday, April 23, 2017

sunday nights I like to present a feel good flick. the comedy and art you see is not in reality, reality. you may find yourself laughing hystericaly or breaking out into pseudo-sexual body gyrations. but, please remember our crack team has subjected ourselves to thousands of movies and rock videos. in the  movie,
envy, Christopher walken as the "j" man uttered the immortal line..."i'm lactose intolerant", forever leaving an indelible queasy feeling in  our stomachs. monsters a go-go will not lower its standards like that. our research and development team found, for example, that cuba gooding cant act. ok, we could have sold out. right now, we are in the middle of an extensive reboot of this blog. so, we got a waiver from the black lives matter group for cuba gooding. remember, the situations you see on this blog are but a distraction. our only wish is to provide mature entertainment and make a quick buck. and mickey rooney in 'breakfast at tiffany's' was a hoot. -strider

christopher walken dance video link

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