Sunday, April 30, 2017

dinner with dracula link  goodnight whatever you are...
as time goes by

 pull the string!
it had a nice beat, and was fun to dance to 
get a life

 still the best
 time for go to bed

 out of least they got rid of 2 bombs

 even more ghost in the invisible bikini

great job guys....your career is down the toilet

nancy got religion

mom, i'd like you to meet Basil
get out and don't come back!

the hoolywood vampires linkok, igor..whos on tap for new talent time?   ohh, johnny depp and the hoolywood vampires?

 don't call us..we'll call you!

shes a lady linkwhat kind of a man reads Vogue?

stay tuned

the terror link  the exciting adventures of the pierogi kid..

 looks like , I say, it looks like injun trouble

 the botox seemed to work....the lip injections were painful, however

every picture tells a story
 the director just sunk the movie!

 eric von come out of there this instance young man!
inspire a generation of slasher flicks like saw

let me see if I get this..a gorilla, a maytag repairman, basil Rathbone, a white man playing an indian, a babe, a babe about to be sawn in half...ok, wait, I think I get it..
 I want to do things for you, quiet walks, cappacinos, rainy days, art museums, paris.

I want to do things for you,quiet walks, cappuccinos, rainy days, art museums, paris...
folks, we have a late breaking report from france....martial law has been declared...we take you to a press conference with the president...already in progress...
 what am I, a method actor? we want johnny depp back.monsters a go-go crossed the line on this one.  this is a state of emergency..
 don't play tug of war with me.....
ok, we'll throw in mickey Rourke...fair enough? he drinks cappuccinos on that really cool street in paris that I cant pronounce or spell...

ahhh   ahh ah...don't touch that dial!

the fool and me link  you're watching schlock theatre...and i'm robin trower

in memory of the colonel and fidge
welcome back to Part 2 of schlock theatre..the ghost in the invisible bikini.....