Friday, April 28, 2017

johhnydipp link hi. i'm johnny depp. just flew in from florida..jet lagged....but let's get down to business. strider calls and asks me to host schlock theatre. I want to set the record straight. the johnny depp fragrance line..not funny. perspiration? you're kidding,right? and france, I went there because i'm johnny depp. nuff said. i'm gonna do his stupid show...dork shadows because i'm johnny depp. Thomas Collins? who thought that one up? all things johnny depp? johnny depp world. wow. not a bad artist that strider, but he's no johnny depp. schlock theatre? lets get down to business...and while you're watching me... I mean the ghost in the invisible bikini I think i'm going to smack that grin off strider's face.....

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