Friday, September 30, 2016

Do not touch that comment button...
 As time goes by....
 God bless america
 Time for go to bed
Thank-you everybody.6000views.lame jokes.hope you enjoy the art. Good night!
To be continued...
 The exciting adventures of the pierogi kid....the kid is trouble ....he left his DVD at home.....can the pose save this schlock fest ?stay tuned.

Ok,talent time!  Who's on tap?   Big baby and the gorillas

Dont call us,we'll call you. (At least they werent twerking)
 Woe.easy there big guy....its just humor.

The jokes arent funny tonight

Wait.this is

 But this isnt
No one left a comment?

Schlock theatre?   Starts at 7:00?

The star!

Boy,this isnt going well. What ? The movie? No ,striders jokes

 Sessions presents! Hooked on a feeling! I'm high on believing!
 OK,no comments.ha ha! Well take this!
Internet begging?

My god! Hes losing viewers...quick,do something

Ahhh,bela to the rescue

Hang in there,its almost over


 Backdoor man?

Here take it!

 Eats and treats
Bad idea!


Bela ...hes our man!

At midnight this lame schlock theatre should be done!!!!