Friday, April 28, 2017

nancy sinatra link chairman of the bored.
you're not david bowie! 
 I've got it! we put a dayglow blue chick in the flick..then, leonard maltin will review it someday and say this movie is for the masochistic..yah, that's it!
 eric? be sure to take the trash out when you're through playing marlon brando send-up
 and clean up your torture chamber!
 uhh flag in a horror movie
 Caligula. we get to meet Malcolm mcdowel!
 comic relief?   wait, I thought jane goodall was the comic relief!
great. stupid white people acting whatever it is that stupid white people do in a stupid white people movie, with a gorilla no less 
 these, I,m not going to say it....walkin'
I cant believe it. as if this wretch of a movie didn't have enough stupidity. the directors brain damaged brother plays an indian...I should have listened to leonard maltin

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