Friday, May 26, 2017

boom link boom

turn blue link good night whatever you are!!!
 stop shaking your head!
 I'm not really shaking it
one of the best shows,xi

 strider and Sammy...get 'em
 no cure for this dog
don't mess with the US

 as time goes by
 time for go to bed!

monster mash link monster mash

 revenge is a dish best served cold...enjoy, fellow lurkers!!!!!

the exciting adventures of the pierogi kid

do you know any beatles?

 yah, its that bad
 trashevilles own laughing weed cafe
 go vegy!!!
yesterday...all my....I say..all my troubles seem so...

 heard it from a friend, who, heard it from a friend..

pioneered the "rear scream projection"
 ok, igor..who's on tap for new talent time?  hmm...vampire auditions..ok

don't call us..we'll call you!!

mrs robinson link and heres to you mrs robinson