Friday, March 31, 2017

turn blue link  turn blue
 as time goes by
 under Jehovah
 time for go to bed
no comments? how 'bout I turn this into an REO speedwagon tribute blog?
 say goodnight,wolf.

ted nugent link cats are us....striders cat bathing, fairly humane.operators are standing by!

 we're in the middle of an extensive reboot of monsters a go-go

bad kitty, playing with the crawling hand

safe...and humane?!
just too can reach the comment switch

 oh, get a life..its free dude.
 goodbye wolf..sniff..even though you sold your soul to the new world order...sniff,,we love the shill that you areanyways.
 and as always...thank you laughing weed cafĂ© of trashville.......
 go  vegy!

fireworks link  boom

hang in there ...i'll be back
 todays show brought to you by torgos certainly wasn't the viewers donations

hmm, could be a pierogliated ulcer
 don't worry, we'll find the viewers comments

ok, new talent time...wolf is going to do his frankie tribute

don't call us!

grease is the word link

birds the word linkbirds the word

well, there you are...rock and roll and monsters
 time for some refreshments

the exciting adventures of the pierogi kid

careful with that crawling hand.big boy
 yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..then I grew 3 inches!

the crawling hand link

look, I'm not gonna end up doing tv because of you

time for a brew
could be a job for striders cat bathing service
 lovely, it matches
james bond will return in....groom of the stool

thanks for having me out, monsters a go-go. cnn is doing a shocking expose of their viewers. lets see, no comments, no donations, no special orders, no phone calls. this may be one for the record books. but, the crawling hand is one of my favorite movies. i'd love to say you're a beautiful audience, but lurking isn't cutting it. at least I got in a bond flick so i'm kinda qualified to report on new world odor the wifftwax this blog emits. have  good one...whatever bathroom you identify with. wolfy

 how was the flight?  mrs. bleeker? mrs.bleeker.mrs.bleeker?
 is that plane supposed  to be down there?
 guest host ...wolf blitzer

well, it looks like wolf

trailer the crawling hand link trailer ..the crawling hand..
 todays show brought to you by the governor of north Carolina who flushed the last remaining Christian values down the toilet..take it away bela.
is it ry cooder or ray cooper?
 they promised they wouldn't show the photos
 pull the string!!  great tribulation? no problem.