Thursday, September 29, 2016

 Peng sang a song for monsters a gogo......monsters,monsters...I'm so scared.rock and roll...rick flair.milkshakes..earthquakes.LA LA LA.strider strider he's are man..too bad he can't get a date..its a long way to the top but it might take you forever!...your all about world peace...too bad you riffed grease.your soooo funny...sorry no one will send you any money...your the best...that's a sure we have to shut off the net.!!!!
 Don't be coy
 Thank-you monsters a go-go!
Thanks strider!

 That joke stunk!now its time for some local cuisine!
 Caution ,duck sauce is hot and so is strider!!!!
 Yawn,everyone's an artist
Hi!im stephen hawking for monsters a you watch schlock theatre?
 Kill him Zhou.
Taking a little quality time

 Monsters,rock and .....forget it

We love you monsters a gogo

Excuse me ,im from monsters a you think strider is cute?

Oh great,everyone is a musician

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