Thursday, September 29, 2016

OK, we have a breaking report from Beijing.our man Stephen hawking is there getting ready to interview president xi jinping  and his wife peng...Stephen??.....check,check...two,two....hey Stephen!knock off the corny sound check!   We can hear you!   Ok, strider,the first couple are bigggg fans of monsters a go-go and extend  a hearty congratulations on 6000 views. Mr.president..rumours persist that you and peng fell in love again while watching schlock theatre.any truth to that?   Peng reaches for mike.....look,strider makes us laugh...isn't that enough?:peng.
 And then something happened..

It would be ashame if anything were to happen to this cute kid...please make donations c/o shawty lo  memorial foundation.  Pobox30283 winstonsalem,nc 27130

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