Saturday, December 17, 2016

how 'bout a box of bullets?
oh great , clarence
why you..i oughta
either that piano playing kid goes or I do
but the sequel might get tied up in litagation
ok we got it
wow...get drunk!  that's what bars are for

dubbed in piano playing
take the angel to a bar and get him drunk...get a wonderful life

the squirrel turds didn't cut it
last name...martini....Oscar snub for script

giving out wings..ha ha ha

remember the movie devil doll?   I could blackmail you!
ok, you've never been in this dog of a movie
you're acting career is over're the jerk that hit me!

19 trillion?   no, Obama said there is nothing wrong with the economy!
bert and ernie would like to wish all of you....get a wonderful life!!!

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