Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top 10 list of morons:   #10.     Michael rood.......a rood awakening ministries. OK mike,shame on you.using the gd word with children present.I'd rather go back to cleaning toilets at Micky D's than beg for your autograph.and.....Ariel stegal referring to new covenent church to Darth Vader."there's good in you! Mikey" then,she lavishes praise on the Ethiopian black girl as isreal's woman of of year or miss new world order or something!only problem..her nose ring! Repeat after me..."I love Torah"yuck.then ,if that isn't enough, your tightman Nehemiah gorden isn't a believer in yeshua.but you call anyone who rejects Paul ,a false prophet.mike,lose the faux Jew Babylonian whore,read all of Paul, and witness to Nehemiah.and get blue cross/blue shield.

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