Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey group,on may 21,I started this blog with an$80 tablet.well,four webmasters later I have exceeded my greatest expectations thanks to you! As a boy I lived in both Cleveland and pittsburg so I got to watch hoolihan and big chuck, as well as chilly billy!I was influenced by mad magazine,mystery science theater,and recently creepy,I hope to get PayPal and maybe raise a few bucks and get a laptop and camera.I'd like to use the chiller theatre theme song.bill cardille said,",a bad movie in good company can be good".his father said to him,"any comediene can get a laugh with dirty material,but it takes a good comedians to do it right and get  a laugh".so,that's our mission statement at monsters a go-go!....I'm drawing as fast as I can,so bare with me.maybe,other artists can contribute.thanks to keven scarpino(son of ghoul) for his encouragement! I can be reached at 336-727-4771 for any feedback.tonight is the last nod to chilly billy.we'll miss him.thank-you everybody for your hits!!!-strider raven

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