Monday, July 4, 2016

It has come to our attention that the Hague has unsealed international arrest warrants for George bush sr aka dubya,George bush Jr and prescot bush who is to be tried posthumously.the american patriot finally shut off their cellphones,got off their lazy tukus and demanded these traitors be brought to justice.congress is in emergency session looking into constitutionality of the patriot act. Stephen speibergs lawyers have filed suit seeking to obtain movie rights.oj simpsons lawyers talking to the BBC .it looks like the "I don't know where I was on that day" defense will be changed to reading is fundamental .the following charges assert: prescot bush's Nazi involvement.dubya's appearance at the Dallas school book depository during JFK's assassination,his 1000 points of light in Belgium with Hunan sacrifices,the papal new world order treason, and the most heinous,having a butt ugly wife.George Jr will be tried for class action action lawsuits involving crisis actor grievances. In addition,Yale university is demanding the skull and bones society clean up after themselves.(bonami might work on the bloodstains, George).also,the indictment includes the murder of the 911 airplane passengers who were taken to the cleveland airport.lastly,the blasphemous infinity pool to appolyon needs skimming and some people want to walk the other way.finally,a class action lawsuit involves the school children George Jr visited on 911.the kids want to know why they chanted "planes must hit steel" ,when no plane was found at the pentagon.  Mel Gibson hopes this trial will bring about his next movie when he used his line from the expendables 3....."how about the Hague"........stayed tuned for further developments.

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