Friday, July 1, 2016

hey group!jerry lewis just dropped by for an exclusive interview with monsters a go-go.tomorrow night is the world premiere of the lost Abbott and Costello show with Sammy patrillo and duke mitchell. Wow!Strider:thanks for coming by.would you like a milkshake?                                                    Jerry:I like what you've done with the,I'm lactose intolerant.                               Strider:so,we met at nobles restaurant a few years back.we talked about the geisha boy....then I said "I love you" later,you left without saying goodbye.I was crushed.          Jerry: you know my famous line.."thousands of pedestrians and all with a %$#@ camera".                                                                                                                                             Strider:but I didn't have a camera!and I wasn't a pedestrian!                                                Jerry:what can I say...I'm rich and famous....and....jerry lewis!                                             Strider:how 'bout that red nose day? Isn't that Illuminati? And the cross war with the army?what about 'Jerry's kids'?  Is that a good example.?                              Jerry:what can I say? I'm a jerk.look,this is show biz.concessions have to be made.        Strider: let's talk about Sammy patrillo.why did you flush his career down the toilet.?  Jerry:what can I say...I'm a jerk.besides I was cross dressing my way into Americas heart.I didn't want anyone stealing my schtick.capech?Jerry's kids and all that rot.        Strider:oh,I get're a jerk.                                                                                                      Jerry:you're catching on.look,time is money...I've got to go kiss Quentin tarentinos op.                                                                                                                                   Strider:can I have your auto graph?                                                                                          Jerry:forget it.but I've got a little margarita left.its yours.                                                       Strider:but I'm your #1 fan!                                                                                                          Jerry: that's showbiz kid! Yawn.

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