Friday, February 24, 2017

e trade baby link   hey group, lets give it up (I didn't mean the jersey) for tom brady!!!!
 wow!  monsters a go-go. when I was asked to be on the show I said...i'm cool. the jersey thing aint nothin' but a, I said..what do I wear...oh geez....I lost the jersey but i'm cool..
 so my team said be strong..and it just hurts..oh, i'm gonna work on  someone's, I mean i'm gonna work through the boys are gonna get it back...
 so i'm cool...yah, i'll give you cool...your going down....sell the jersey on amazon and your bugsquat, dude...
 forgive, and forget.. after I wring your neck...bring the jersery back, jack
ah, Jamie...I don't think that's the jersey

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