Wednesday, November 23, 2016

ahh...mickey out! your nose might fall off!
jarjar abrams ...great. killed off Harrison....hey pal,,you don't kill a hero! intergalactic guess who's coming to dinner?  celestial bros and hoes?

get a room...oh, you did?

 renigged on campaign promises
tyler....i'm so happy for you! is it a boy or a girl?

 sexy is as sexy does George!
 micheal "cherry pickin' paul" rood
 thanks for flushing America's biblical valuesdown the toilet,long legged mack daddy!
hey George, satan is on line 1

 greasey is not the way that I am feeling!
 bruce better get to a bathroom fast!
 my friend cross dressing jerry
do you take discover? a little confused. pacifist or punch in the face with me out here people.
 thanks for trashing a bunch of classics
hey the bill of rights again,,,,james Madison...oh, you just like the pictures!

antichrist?  well, he's the best dressed antichrist!

 lady gag gag....dead bodies or performance art?
 joyce Meyers could save her soul...for  $1000
 POPE...compared isis to jesus...who am I to judge?  watch me,franny.
 hillys pizza scandal....hey you forgot my crazy bread!

no no no  I said joyce meyers
look, I didn't care about the panama canal..but Jehovah GOD is on line 1 and I think he's a little upset...jimbo
I'm not done with you two by a long shot! 

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