Tuesday, October 18, 2016

When school hours were over, he was even the playmate and companion of the larger boys; and on holiday afternoons would convoy some of the smaller ones home, who happened to have pretty sisters, or good housewives for mothers, noted for comforts of the cupboard. Indeed it behooved him to keep on good terms with his pupils. The revenue arising from his school was small, and would have been scarcely sufficient to furnish him with daily bread, for he was a huge feeder, and though lank, had the dilating powers of an anaconda; but to help out his maintenance, he was, according to the country custom in those parts, boarded and lodged at the houses of the farmers whose children he instructed.With these he lived successively a week at a time; thus going the rounds of the neighborhood, with all his worldy effects tied up in a cotton handkerchief.

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