Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From the moment Ichobod laid his eyes upon these regions of delight, the peace of his mind was at an end, and his only study was to gain the affections of the peerless daughter of Van Tassel. In this enterprise, however, he had more real difficulties than generally fell to the lot of a knight-errant of yore, who seldom had anything but giants,enchanters, fiery dragons,and such like easily conquered adversaries to contend with; and had to make his way merely through gates of iron and brass, and walls of adamant,to the castle keep, where the lady of his heart was confined; all which he achieved as easily as a man would carve his way to the center of a Christmas pie; and then the lady gave him her hand as a matter of course. Ichabod , on the contrary, had to win his way to the heart of a country coquette, beset with a labyrinth of whims and caprices, which were forever presenting new difficulties and impediments; and he had to encounter a host of fearful adversaries of real flesh and blood, the numerous rustic admirers , who beset every portal to her heart , keeping a watchful and angry eye upon each other, but ready to fly out in the common cause against any new competitor.

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