Thursday, May 25, 2017

the pope? well, who am I to judge?
ok, get a life! move out of your mother's house. get a real job. geez...

corsair linkrita Hayworth will be making a visit to monsters a go-go on Saturday for our dance party..

beach girls and the monster link to trailer  Friday night...schlock theatre...beach girls and the monster. no, its not the vogue top ten list cool places to visit...almost as painful..plenty of bimbettes...I don't know if they went on to model for vogue.

ride captain ride link  ok, for your lurking pleasure.. we're still planning our area 51  trip....dork castle soon..i think...Vlad's castle  restored for Friday night schlock theatre....and maybe a trip on the proteus to explore George Lucas's brain vis a vis jarjar....stay tuned..

 and baby makes 3    (candle in the wind?)
selling England by the pound