Tuesday, February 28, 2017

sly stone link  sly stone! I guess he wanted to take me higher....just say no thankyou.
 epitamy of cool

he joined the police force

 inspired zz top
stood up for native American rights
er, ah...sorry I asked
 frankie? nope...but, you might check with paul mitchell
 petey? nope.....dorks are us
jerry?  no way,jose...might want to check with the glue factory

Tuesday night...where are they now?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

how can anybody not like  this guy?

zombies on broaway link   zombies on broadway..

 a monkey steals the show!
welcome to sunday night feelgood flick....
monsters a go-go mourns the passing of Bill Paxton. say it isn't so. the real inspiration for this blog....spiked hair, always a fall guy, never a heavy, elevated the phoney southern Hollywood accent to an art form, paving the way for leonard DiCaprio. thanks for making me look like a rock star!
laundry day?

 hey y'all