Tuesday, January 31, 2017

boys from brooklyn link   boys from Brooklyn..without subtitles

jerry,harry, and larry(look at the grin on that ape!)

   happy gorilla suit day. ok, boys from Brooklyn.....'bout as gorilla suit as you get.
 you've been warned
 this may not help

 mad scientist...is there any other kind?
I wonder if this explains why I never got married 
 don't confuse ramona with the ramones
very possibly the dumbest movie ever made

 west side gory?
faye wrong? 
roddy mcdowelstick

 ahh the ritz brothers.harry and larry
 pull the string!!wait, that's a buffalo.
 who ya gonna call?
THE END....or is it?
loves labor lost...or, when loving lovers love?

robot monster link   in celebration of national gorilla suit day...monsters a go-go proudly presents ....ROBOT MONSTER.

I cant, yet I must!

Monday, January 30, 2017

monty python link  Monday night classic movie....monty python and the holy grail....why not?

sorry mate, genesis wind and wuthering a little tougher than I expected...

hey, he caught the meatloaf joke!
monsters a go-go? spacey.
oyy! UK. a few new sketches pending. one around 8:30 or so....i'll try to dig up a classic movie,as well.
monsters a go-go?  you're kidding me, right?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

king of the zombies link  king of the zombies 1941
 sunday night feel good flick...well, I will find out about a new job tomorrow, and jury duty Wednesday...mantan moreland is a delight.one of my favorites!

 mantan has a healthy appetite...for a zombie in training
 love that zombie dance
 this has to be one of the funniest scenes in my movie collection...it seems mantan just can't be turned into a zombie...
 I is?
his one liner....move over boys, i'm one of the gang...is gut-busting funny 
 the late, great, mantan moreland
 he explains to the maid that he talks a lot for a zombie because he's loquacious!.(I hope I spelled that right) 
and of course, he saves the day...I guess.