Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thank-you everybody for a great chilly billy week.oops ,forgot something!
 Time for go to bed
Don't go far,I'll be back Monday noon!!,-strider

Saturday, July 30, 2016

chiller theme song,touch!!!

monster mash!!!touching is ok

 Girls just want to have......?

 What the?

phillyis filler,don't touch!

link for mad monster party,touch!

Hey group,on may 21,I started this blog with an$80 tablet.well,four webmasters later I have exceeded my greatest expectations thanks to you! As a boy I lived in both Cleveland and pittsburg so I got to watch hoolihan and big chuck, as well as chilly billy!I was influenced by mad magazine,mystery science theater,and recently creepy,I hope to get PayPal and maybe raise a few bucks and get a laptop and camera.I'd like to use the chiller theatre theme song.bill cardille said,",a bad movie in good company can be good".his father said to him,"any comediene can get a laugh with dirty material,but it takes a good comedians to do it right and get  a laugh".so,that's our mission statement at monsters a go-go!....I'm drawing as fast as I can,so bare with me.maybe,other artists can contribute.thanks to keven scarpino(son of ghoul) for his encouragement! I can be reached at 336-727-4771 for any feedback.tonight is the last nod to chilly billy.we'll miss him.thank-you everybody for your hits!!!-strider raven
lasts respects for chilly billy link

Even more chilly billy....oh come on,touch me
Just a little chilly today!!!chilly interview
do not touch this

Friday, July 29, 2016

Time for go to bed!

Thank-you chilly billy!rip.
 As time goes by...

Oh great,now Stephen arrives!
Its all yours George!
 Wait!here comes stephen hawking in helicopter!

 So much for a sequel.

Come on,he wasn't that bad....
Talent time!.....who's name did you draw,Igor?...yes, master..its Phil Collins!OK,Phil,what's your talent?-strider.   I'm gonna do the drum solo for the michelob commercial I did!!!

Dont call us,we'll call you!