Saturday, July 22, 2017

hey group, I put schlock theatre on facebook....strider raven...I can 'friend' you there. twitter, also.and....I've got a new clip on my youtube channel.thanks.

arch hall jr and joel hodgson!

Friday, July 21, 2017

dork shadows will return...johnny depp ran afoul of the law and he's a little tied up right now....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

top ten reasons why Mad magazine just plain stinks....#8 invoking al jaffees name on the cover...

thank-you monsters a go-go for reviving me..plan 9 and all that
 i'm roger sleazebert..i'm an expert. Mad magazine is as dead as I am. I oughta know.Makes freddy got fingered look like fine art!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

 strider was abducted by killer klowns...dieter, is this your doing?
 I'm not taking the blame for this..
 we could send our undercover agent....

poof...he was just hurts so much
attention earthlings....stand by for an important announcement- kookie
folks, we have a late breaking report...strider has been abducted by .....killer klowns from outer space.....details as they unfold. webmaster.

hey Moe!       you almost sunk my battleship!
under construction...hang in there.-strider

Thursday, July 13, 2017

area we come...introducing the Extendables
ok, roadtrip!

 the pres...nyah nyah..i'm going and you're not! (has the allman bros cd's and a security clearance-might come in handy)
 eddy deezen...was in a zombie movie and has a whiney voice
 joel hodgson...he can dish it out...but can he take it?
 eric von zipper....point man.and its my blog
 mantan moreland....wheel man...king of the zombies, 'nuff said
 jw pepper....what are you, some kind of doomsday machine, boy?
the girl with the terminal stare...starred in
force five foxes.

 Stephen hawking...and then something happened
igor....knows his way around a lab
the shat...probably will remember the prime directive...uttered the immortal "get a life"

hey Moe! look at the ground!
Hey, you almost sunk my battleship!                         Behind the scenes at Monsters a go-go!.........never a dull moment as we get ready to send the Extendables on their summer vacation to Area 51

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

top ten reasons why Mad Magazine is the worst comedy rag in America.#9 they hired children to replace the old vanguard.
 I would start

the return of Sammy!

its me live at barnes and nobles(when it was recorded)linkhi. its me. at barnes and nobles..maybe I should get a French poodle to put on the table. near the café. service dog,wink wink. todays post brought to you by striders cat bathing service. affordable, humane. er, ah..

easy there, pilgrim.....we're under construction

It was hot.Too hot.The robins were pulling earthworms out the ground with potholders. Shane Mcnugget knew he had a philly who's honour was worth defending. Maybe it was the way she cut him off to answer her cell phone. maybe, just maybe.....