Wednesday, May 31, 2017

billy ocean link  ! brave the of home the and free the of land the o'ver
tiger tiger tiger
you picked the wrong parish to haul $#^&#@ through, boy!
ok, a little attention vogue retards..

retarded...needs some help

 very uncool
very cool...oddball.
top ten reasons why oddball defined cool...#2 beret.
 sorry about your grandsons ear...i'll buy your gas!just don't pull these money is made on this ears are cut comments for that matter....
 and you thought the French looked good in a beret
 strider, I think you pushed it too far this time...woof woof
 he's so funny!....he makes me mad then he makes me laugh..he's so, no..ah ..he's so   depp.
 please stop playing that joni mithchell song
I felt unfettered and alive...
top ten resons why oddball defined cool..#3 could get away with woof woof. really.
top ten reasons why oddball defined cool.....and the bimbettes from vogue magazine dropped the ball on cool.

psalms 17-23 link a moment in the word

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

hello Indonesia! science!

thomas dolby link science!! might have saved this pile of manure...sorry mr. lee.

howling 2 trailer link we interrupt "where are they now" to bring back roger sleazebert from the grave to review.....the howling 2 ;your sister is a werewolf.......folks, I give this stinkbomb 2 barfbags.  Christopher lee,what happened? gives Freddie got fingered a run for its money- roger sleazebert. SCIENCE!
 I think I know where he is
 roger sleazebert- back from the dead...its not over yet