Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hey group,wish I had more time.will post a nice sketch tonight.everybody order their 3d glasses for Friday night.this is as bad as it gets.some good art,though.-strider!
Monsters crash the slumber party.

Little big man!

 My favorite shot!-the shat

Micheal dunn. October 20th,1934-august 30,1973.    One of my favorite actors.he left some great memories. His filmography ranged from the get smart pilot,wild wild west,voyage to the bottom of the sea,star trek,bonanza,night gallery,and house of the damned.he stole the show every time.
 Anyone who smokes a cigar can't be all bad!
 The shat!

 Great scene

Hey group!relly busy today.ill be doing a micheal dunn tribute-strider

I have returned.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey folks, there's a smurf at my door.wait,I think there's more......
Hey group,hang in there. I'll be back tomorrow around noon.-strider
Must have heard her singing!

Folks,this movie is the end of an era. Vincent price steals the show.his humor is priceless! OK,the arnez kid hurts the movie,and the print is bad. But , I think its a gem.these cinematic giants deliver their lines like Greek gods throwing lightning bolts. Well worth the investment.trailer,house of the long shadows,touch